Age 14 - 19 years

What is TYA?

Titchfield Youth Associates is the advance training and production-based company for older pupils. Those in Key Stage 4 and 5. As well as offering unique opportunities to work with outside companies such as the National Theatre Connections, The Youth Associates produce thought provoking plays written for their age group. The Youth Associates are possibly the bravest part of the whole of TFT, just by the range of topics that they have covered or the skills of acting solo for an hour.


What do they do?

Rehearsals are workshop based, meaning that time is spent digging into characterisation as well as developing stagecraft. The Youth Associates perform in a variety of spaces so they will also look at how to change their performances depending on the venue.

TYA can take part in weekly sessions which specialise in Acting training and Musical Theatre training. In addition to the weekly lessons, we also audition for the individual projects and cast from the auditions. 


What skills and techniques do they work on?

The work is script based, so I use the phrase Page to Stage – how does the actor connect with the character and the story. In addition they work on a wide range of skills from voice work to physicalisation as well as more technical elements of stage craft. By being a production-based group each show is special and the actors learn to work with a broad range of people from show to show. Each show brings new challenges.


What is planned for the rest of the year?

Coming up we have two plays that deal with youth crime, they are Mugged and DNA. The two plays work wonderfully together. Two different plays enable the company to expand further and allow more people to join. Alongside this we will be running skills sessions so that actors can work towards qualifications. After the October shows we will start work on our next National Theatre connections show and possible another series of monologues

TYA ACTING                                MONDAY   7-9pm

TYA MUSICAL THEATRE                   TUESDAY 7-9pm